Our Products

We provide a full suite of reports, and promise you the best deal, the best service or your money back.

+ Property Enquiry Certificates (PECs)

We provide PECs for residential and commercial properties across all of Scotland. Standard turnaround times are less than 24 hours and results feature full planning and building warrant applications history. Our database is derived from Local Authority data maintained in real-time, so you benefit from the most up-to-date information.

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+ Legal Reports

Fast, accurate Legal Reports prepared by our team of experienced professionals are typically returned within 24 hours, with urgent reports available in less than one hour at no additional cost.

Legal Report Continuations can be scheduled using our online diary, and are typically returned by midday on the required day.

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+ Plans Reports

We provide a comprehensive Plans Reports service, offering all three levels of plans reports sourced directly from Registers of Scotland to ensure the most accurate product in the market.

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+ Remortgage Reports

Our Remortgage Report confirms the current legal position of the instructed subjects, and identifies any additional areas owned by the proprietors.

Searches in the Register of Inhibitions and Register of Insolvencies are included as standard, and multiple updated reports are available at no additional cost.

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+ Coal Mining Reports

Property Searches Scotland have a unique integration with the Coal Authority, meaning precise search alerts are provided based on the coordinates of the subjects, and fulfilled searches are typically returned to you in less than one hour.

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+ Company & Charges Reports

We provide a full suite of combined or standalone company and charges reports derived from Companies House and other relevant data sources.

Standard turnaround times are less than 24 hours and urgent reports are available in less than one hour at no additional cost.

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+ Other Reports

We provide the full suite of additional products you may require including copy deeds, deed plans, RCIL searches (Register of Community Interests in Land), Diligence Reports and environmental and flood reports.

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